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"Lady Xyleena" -  female tree face that creates a whimsical touch to your outdoor garden space. A fun forest face that makes a nice gift for gardeners and nature lovers that enjoy that handmade quality gift.

This concrete cast art piece is handmade and designed by me. Tree face is suitable for large trees. It's durable and can be left outside to enjoy throughout the winter season. Comes with galvanized nails.



She is beautifully hand-stained and comes in two color options for eyes and lips. Eye color options are: aquamarine green or hazel yellow.  For lips the color options are: sassy red or naturally nude.


Note -product photos displays tree face on 24”, 18” and 14” diameter trees. You can arrange pieces to suit your tree.



Overall size is 12.5 x 16" as installed in photo. Each piece - eyes: 4.75 x 4.75"  nose: 6.5 x 3.25" mouth: 5.25 × 5 .25 " weight: 5 lbs.





© 2021 Dorina Zieske



Thanks for viewing my work!

Lady Xyleena - female tree face

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