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Artist Statement

"Inspired by nature, fueled by passionit moves me to make art."

Art for me is a way of expressing my love for the beauty I see in nature and in my surroundings in everyday life. 

The passion for the simple things. Like stunning skies, the sparkle or reflection on water, wildflowers, birds, to the changing seasons. Being surrounded by such energy captivates me. I like to capture the moment and share it through my form of creative expression.

Immersed in my art-making process, it's about bringing life to my canvas by capturing the light, a feeling, and the essence of my subjects that I like to paint. 



​Most of my earlier works were created using oils and painting with dyes on silk.


Today I work mainly with acrylics. I also enjoy mixing it up a little and recently I have found my way back to one of my most favorite mediums, one that I began painting with in my late twenties and that's watercolor.

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