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Garden Sculpture Ornaments

  A little whimsical touch for your outdoor garden space.

Unique garden art sculptures proudly designed and handmade in Kelowna BC, Canada 🇨🇦


I have combined my experience with surface finishes and my passion to sculpt to create unique garden art sculptures.
My creations began with a design sketch, to clay sculpting to making my own rubber & mother molds to casting my designs.
Each beautiful art piece is strong, is durable concrete and is 100% handmade. We use the finest quality white cement along with fine sand. To ensure there is density and strength to the sculptures, we then give them a shake on a vibrating table before setting them out for the dry and curing process.

Garden art pieces are hand-stained using "Natural Mineral Pigments". These are non-toxic pigments that are UV resistant. For that professional look we then seal each piece with a UV resistant concrete sealer.
100% weather-resistant and will stand the test of time leaving them outside to enjoy throughout the seasons.

🌎❤️ using 100% biodegradable packaging fill

We care about our beautiful planet and try to do our part as much as possible in helping protect the environment. We use 100% biodegradable packing peanuts made from corn starch and it's compostable. We use a recyclable brown kraft packing paper to wrap our products to ensure they arrive safely to you.

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

Stay safe ❤️

Photos by © Dorina Zieske


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