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Garden Sculpture Ornaments

A little whimsical touch for your outdoor garden space.

Unique garden art sculptures proudly designed and handmade in Kelowna BC, Canada 🇨🇦


I have combined my experience with surface finishes and my passion to sculpt to create unique garden art sculptures.
My creations began with a design sketch, to clay sculpting to making my own rubber & mother molds to casting my designs.
Each beautiful art piece is strong, is durable concrete and is 100% handmade. We use the finest quality white cement along with fine sand.To ensure product density and strength each piece goes through a vibrating process before setting them out to dry and cure.

Garden art pieces are hand-stained using "Natural Mineral Pigments". These are non-toxic pigments that are UV resistant. For that professional look we then seal each piece with a UV resistant concrete sealer.
100% weather-resistant and will stand the test of time leaving them outside to enjoy throughout the seasons.

🌎❤️ using 100% biodegradable packaging fill

We care about our beautiful planet and try to do our part as much as possible in helping protect the environment. We use recyclable brown kraft packing paper to wrap our products, along with 100% biodegradable packing peanuts made from corn starch (it's compostable) to ensure your purchase arrives safely.

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

Stay safe ❤️

                                            PHOTOS & COPYRIGHT INFO

I take all my own photographs of my designs and product listings. All my work is my own and I don't design for other shops, small businesses, organizations etc., nor have I given permission to anyone to use my photographs and/or distribute copies of my photographs and copy my work.
I hold copyright to my designs - registered in Canada, © Dorina Zieske 2020 all rights reserved.

Art and Copyright - Stolen Designs

Buyer Beware 4 of my designs have been stolen, copied and mass-produced. They are much smaller in size and lack the quality of my originals. Photos from my designs have also been stolen and used while being displayed with the "fake small copies" on online marketplaces.

My creations and my products are not sold anywhere online other than by me and through Dorina Zieske Art.


Pay by credit card, Visa debit card or Apple Pay through secure checkout.

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