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"Mr. Grumpy Stump" tree face - originally designed and created by me in 2020.

Create a little whimsical touch to your outdoor garden space with one of my favorite creations - the  "Mr. Grumpy Stump" tree face. Forest faces bringing smiles to faces. A funtastic gift idea!

A fun and Unique Birthday  Gift. Makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day excellent for  family and friends - nature and garden lovers that enjoy that handmade quality gift.


•  handmade in Kelowna BC, Canada

• sturdy solid concrete using the finest quality cement, sculpture can be left outside during the winter

• beautifully hand-stained with UV resistant natural mineral pigment color, sealed with quality UV resistant concrete sealer

• galvanized steel wire loop easily hooks on to nail or screw placed in tree. Nails are included.



RUST/GREY BARK - main body color
For mostly grey color bark at my other listing.


*HANGING TIP* drive nail into tree leaving approximately 1/4 - 1/8 inch nail head exposed out of tree. The idea is to be able to hook on pieces so they sit with a slightly snug fit to tree.



Dimensions of  the tree face as a whole is 13 x 6" when hung on tree as shown in product pictures, or you can space the pieces out to your desired look.  *NOTE * Pictures displays Mr. Grumpy Stump on a 18 inch and one my last image shows tree face on a 10 inch diameter Pine tree.

in. 4" x 2" 10 x 6
Mustache, mouth, beard                                                                                         
 in. 6 " x 4 1/4" 15.24 x 10.80

in. 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" 10.80 x 5.08



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© 2020 Dorina Zieske

Thanks for viewing my work!



Mr. Grumpy Stump - tree face

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